David Abel, M.D., P.C.
Psychiatric Services for Adults, Children and Families
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"I only met with you a couple of times; you dealt almost exclusively with my wife while treating our daughter. I am sending this email to thank you for your work with our daughter this past 15 months. I remember during our initial meeting that I was concerned about her being treated with medication; I did not want her to become dependent on drugs. When you told us that it would be for only a specified period, it certainly helped ease my apprehension. When she tapered the amount of medication, and then stopped altogether, there was no noticeable difference in her personality. The sessions with you have been a great help to our whole family. Our daughter is now more open with us, has a more pleasant disposition, and is more confident in herself. 'Thank you' sounds inadequate, but I will say it anyway: Thank you."

"Here’s the key point to understand about David Abel: he has an M.D. behind his name. This professional credential has proven invaluable to me as a patient. While I originally sought Dr. Abel for therapy in dealing with the depression and anxiety that accompanied a death and a divorce, I benefited enormously from the advice of this experienced physician. He was the first medical professional I ever saw to suggest testing for autoimmune issues. No family doctor, no medical specialist, had ever seriously attended to my symptoms of severe fatigue - but Dr. Abel did. And, yes, when I got the blood tests, I learned that I did in fact have significant autoimmune problems. Dr. David Abel is a skilled therapist who knows how to listen, and equally important, he’s a skilled physician. I recommend his work wholeheartedly and without reservation."

Single Mom

"I have known Dr. David Abel for nearly ten years. Like him I am a helping professional (actually a college counselor). Although I was always there for my student clients, I was rarely there for me. This lack of self-care was beginning to take its toll on me emotionally and physically. When a friend saw that I needed the help I selflessly gave to others, she referred me to this exceptional human being who literally saved my life! Dr. Abel formed a helping partnership with me and often called our journey one of "picking up stones." Through our doctor/patient relationship we turned over many "figurative" stones until eventually we found those that provided the answers and ultimately the help I needed. Thank you Dr. Abel for supporting me through my search to find those stones (help/answers) that made me healthy again. Today I am a stronger, healthier and happier person, able to give to others by first taking care of me. During our journey, I found a beautiful, smooth, "real" stone that had washed up on the beach. I still carry it with me wherever I go to remind me of my journey with Dr. Abel and his role in helping this helper return to good health. I am forever grateful to this trusted professional and caring human being."


"I  have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Abel for 25 years in his role as a Child Psychiatrist at Bethanna. The population we serve is comprised of children and families seeking help to address complex childhood mental health symptoms. Many families are impacted by multiple challenges, including trauma, loss, illness, divorce, separation, and financial stress. Dr. Abel is sensitive to the unique strengths and struggles of each family, and he aims to support parents in making good and informed decisions about their child's care. He engages both children and adults with a nonjudgmental manner and patiently guides them through the treatment process. Dr. Abel's humor and kindness make him a favorite among our child patients and parents. With many years of experience providing psychiatric care to this population, we have seen such great benefit to our families as they have come to trust his expertise."

Christine R. Nichols MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director

 "As parents of a child with severe anxiety and depression, we feel fortunate to have found Dr. Abel.  His exemplary skill, professionalism, guidance and compassion is the reason our daughter lives a healthier, happier life today. This would not have happened without her interaction with Dr. Abel. Dr. Abel is a credit to the medical profession of Psychiatry and was a lifeline for our family."    

Mr. and Mrs. K.

 "I am a single mother and I have been in treatment with Dr. Abel for over 10 years.  I have received competent, caring treatment throughout my process.  He has helped me through several crisis situations where I was able to receive support quickly.  I am so thankful for Dr. Abel's help and I would truly recommend him to anyone."    


 "Thank you Coach Abel for your dedication, compassion and sportsmanship. You're a great coach and you really did build confidence in my son. I'm glad he was on your team and I feel he learned a lot more than just basketball from you."    


 "After going to a handful of Psychiatrists who would spend 5 minutes listening to my problems and then promptly write a script or up my dosage I found Dr. Abel. He makes it a point to spend time with you to really find out what is wrong and truly tailors his treatment to the patient. He will work with your regular therapist to make sure that your treatment is going well and he truly enjoys listening and talking to his patients. He makes it a point to really get to know who you are. I have been seeing Dr. Abel for almost 5 years now and I would be devestated to have to go to anyone else."    

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