David Abel, M.D., P.C.
Psychiatric Services for Adults, Children and Families
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Approach to treatment

Dr. Abel believes that there are two keys to successful treatment of people with mental health problems.

Customized treatment
  • When it comes to mental health, versatility is critical - what works for one person might very well not work for another (e.g., length of treatment, need for medication, type of therapy).
Meaningful connection
  • People need to feel understood in order to move forward.
  • Bringing to the forefront his own personality through his life experiences, Dr. Abel relates to and engages his patients on a meaningful level.

" ...Dr. Abel is sensitive to the unique strengths and struggles of each family, and he aims to support parents in making good and informed decisions about their child's care. He engages both children and adults with a nonjudgmental manner and patiently guides them through the treatment process. Dr. Abel's humor and kindness make him a favorite among our child patients and parents..."   

Christine R. Nichols MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director


Dr. Abel also employs various elements of treatment based on individual needs, including:

  • Accurate diagnosis: Acknowledging a degree of subjectivity in psychiatric diagnosis, Dr. Abel's extensive experience and training enables him to more accurately recognize the subtle differences that exist among people with mental health issues. This leads to more successful treatment planning.
  • Medication: Some people require a complex medication regimen, while others require no medication. More info >
  • Therapeutic Techniques: An emphasis on cognitive techniques helps some, while family therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, or play therapy may be indicated for others. Children and teens require a different skill set. Dr. Abel's extensive psychoanalytic training has enabled him to recognize factors which may be perpetuating a symptom or illness that otherwise may not be evident to the untrained observer.
  • Medical Conditions: With his medical training, Dr. Abel is able to recognize medical problems, some of which may be contributing to a person's emotional state. Dr. Abel also refers people to the appropriate specialist and can converse intelligently about medical issues and laboratory tests.
  • Life Experience: Dr. Abel taps into his life experience and especially enjoys using humor to engage his patients.